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Edmunds Bar & Brewhouse

brought the micro-brewery to Birmingham.

A major investment in a pioneering new micro-brewing system allows us to brew all our ales on site - in our cellars in Edmund Street, in the very heart of the city. Edmunds Bar & Brewhouse is leading the way - we are the first place in the country to combine age-old brewing techniques with this up-to-the-minute patented technology.

Is this really brewing beer? It most certainly is!

Some of the big breweries (and some of the so-called real ale experts), would like you to believe that our brewing process is different somehow, something artificial or produced wholly by machine without the requirement of the skill of a brewer. Do not believe them - they cannot be more wrong!

We locally source the raw ingredients for our brews just like any other brewery - malted barley, yeast and flavoursome hops and we then create our own recipes to deliver great tasting beers. We have worked with expert brewers to develop the flavours of our different beers and ensure they have a great, unique taste. The brewing processes we adopt are exactly the same as any brewery - just on a much smaller scale. In fact, despite the technology, our process is actually more hands-on than a big, automated brewery - we select our ingredients by hand, we measure and add all our ingredients by hand and we manually check the brew at every stage of production and storage - and then we leave the beer to naturally ferment - a process that takes between seven and ten days. This is certainly no quick shortcut to producing beer! The technology we utilise helps us deliver a consistent product simply by helping us to maintain the essential temperature conditions for brewing a perfect beer. The actual brewing, and the cleaning to maintain a sterile brewing environment, are manual processes.

What makes our own beer so good?

Brewing small quantities in-house of course means that we can guarantee a fresh brew all the time and deliver ales to the bar at the very peak of their condition. Unlike a big brewer, we don’t need to hold massive quantities of beer that slowly deteriorate in quality, sitting in a store room until they are ordered, and we don’t need to throw casks around on the back of a lorry and drive them hundreds of miles around the country! That’s why we are confident our beers will always taste great and that’s why the independent judges of quality cask ales - Cask Marque - checked all our brews and immediately awarded us the coveted Cask Marque Accreditation.


Cask Marque is the independently administered sign of a perfect pint. Edmunds is proud to have been awarded Cask Marque accreditation for its range of fine cask ales.

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